Python 2

Ansible 10

Problem Statement:


Launch and Deploy python flask app on docker container using ansible

  • My use case was to set up an ansible practical lab where I…


Ansible role for setting up load balancer using HAProxy and webserver using Apache software.

Introduction 🤓


Write Ansible role to configure apache webserver on Redhat and Ubuntu.

What is ansible?


Introduction to Kubernetes. Why we need Kubernetes? Use cases of Kubernetes.

Introduction 🤓

Hey, but what is a container?


let’s discover the automation with ansible tower use cases

What is automation?


Configure Haproxy dynamically when a new webserver gets added using ansible.

Load Balancer

Why we need a load balancer?


Configure Apache server using ansible-playbook


Redhat Ansible

How to configure Hadoop Cluster using Ansible?

Ansible -3


Shubham Rasal

DevOps Engineer at Mindbowser Inc|

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