Python 2

What is UDP?

Ansible 10

Problem Statement:


Launch and Deploy python flask app on docker container using ansible

  • My use case was to set up an ansible practical lab where I can use multiple hosts of different Linux instantly without wasting more resources. This gives me the power to launch each time fresh container and test my playbooks on multiple os distributions with diff versions.
  • One more use case will be, you have one server in development and you are deploying…


Ansible role for setting up load balancer using HAProxy and webserver using Apache software.

Introduction 🤓


Write Ansible role to configure apache webserver on Redhat and Ubuntu.

What is ansible?


Introduction to Kubernetes. Why we need Kubernetes? Use cases of Kubernetes.

Introduction 🤓

Hey, but what is a container?


let’s discover the automation with ansible tower use cases

What is automation?


Configure Haproxy dynamically when a new webserver gets added using ansible.

Load Balancer

Why we need a load balancer?


Configure Apache server using ansible-playbook


Redhat Ansible

Apache Webserver

How to configure Hadoop Cluster using Ansible?

Ansible -3



Action mode 🔥

Shubham Rasal

DevOps Engineer at Mindbowser Inc|

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