How To Create And Launch Your First EC2 Instance

Click on Key pairs.
  1. Select “Create a new security group”
  2. Select on “Review and Launch”
  1. Select Review and Launch
  2. Click Launch
  1. Select EC2 Instance Connect
  2. Keep User name default(ec2-user)
  3. Click on Connect.
Output 1
  1. Use below Command to connect with Instance.
  2. ssh -l username pubic-Ip -i “mykey.pem”
  3. Eg: ssh -l ec2-user ip -i mykey.pem
  4. [keep mykey.pem in current working directory ]




DevOps Engineer at Mindbowser Inc|

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Shubham Rasal

Shubham Rasal

DevOps Engineer at Mindbowser Inc|

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